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Property Name Waldorf Astoria Bangkok

Location  Thailand Setting  City  Style  Grand Modern  Rooms  170


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Thailand has become one of the most visited countries in South East Asia and not without a reason. The land of smiles is extremely organized for tourism which makes it an easy country to travel to for anyone. 

From serving breakfast to the Buddhist Monks or playing with a family of tigers the surprises are endless.

While Thailand’s main cities are abuzz with energy, venture off the beaten track and you can find some of the most enchanting places for a relaxing, off-grid escape.

Switch off from the modern world and tune in to Thailand’s striking beauty. Peace, serenity and wellness lifestyle.  With that in mind we thought we would show you the real Thailand. The culture. the people the untouched, unknown perfect landscapes that will simply take your breath away. Below we have highlighted some of the hidden treasures.

Koh Mook is in the Southern Andaman Coast region of Southern Thailand.




Koh Mook is a real hidden gem a quiet paradise that has remained obscure and incredibly has managed to keep clear  of the tourist radar.

Koh Mook is an incredibly tranquil and secluded island that has a few special gems of its own. The island situated in the Andaman Sea just off the mainland of the Trang Province. If you want to experience a typical Thai village lifestyle, white beaches all by your self and excellent snorkeling, you should spend some time on Koh Mook.

While it is tiny — just 5.5 square kilometers — it makes the perfect destination. The best attractions are the breathtaking Emerald Cave and the snow-white Sivalai Beach, which make Koh Mook one of the most spectacular islands in Thailand

Here you are still away from mass tourism and can dive deep into the quiet and tranquil island life. The unique combination of fascinating natural scenery and friendly people will also make your visit to Koh Mook an unforgettable experience. 


Explore Emerald Cave before the tourists come - Rent a kayak and go early in the morning at sunrise. Emerald Cave is an absolutely breathtaking place to go. It requires that you either swim or kayak the 80 meters through the mountain until you get to an opening with a small beach surrounded by high cliff walls.


The famous Sivalai Beach is an absolute postcard motif and probably one of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand. Here, a snow-white headland of velvety sand stretches into the turquoise sea. 

Combined minibus and boat tickets can be booked from any Trang 'tourist information' shop. A minibus to the nearest jetty and a longtail boat to Farang Beach will cost 300 baht. The 11:00 minibus to the nearest jetty and aboard the only ferry, departing once a day, costs 250 baht. The driver of boat and minivan is the same person. If you take the latter option it's recommended to arrange accommodation and a pick-up from the Ko Muk pier, otherwise you may have a 3 km walk, depending on the location of your hotel, or 50 baht motorbike taxi ride to get anywhere on arrival. However, many hotels are within easy walking distance of the pier.

The return trip is easier and cheaper, with the same ferry departing at 08.00. With no booking fees or middleman it is possible to get the ferry for 50 baht and minivan to Trang for 100 baht, although 200 baht is the more likely combined fare. All in tickets can be purchased for 250 baht from the many travel agent shops located in Trang Town. A second ferry departs at 9.30 with an increased cost of 350 baht per person.

Good to know! There are not too many places to stay on Koh Mook, and in the high season they are quickly booked out. Beware also as you will not find an ATM on Koh Mook so remember to withdraw enough cash in advance and carry it with you on your island trip!

Getting to Koh Mook

Koh YAO YAI is in the Southern Andaman Coast region of Southern Thailand.




A trip to Koh Yao Yai is the closest you will ever experience to ‘REAL’ Thailand.

Situated in the Andaman Sea between Krabi and Phuket, Koh Yao Yai is a place to escape the hustle and bustle of Thailand’s main cities. It is a small secluded island perfect for relaxation. There are no tourist traps and no hassling; the locals welcome you to their day to day life with a smile.

Many people who travel to Thailand bypass Ko Yao Yai Island. Often, they are in pursuit of the more popular places such as Phi Phi Island, Simlan Island, and Coral Island. However, if you prefer more off the beaten path destinations, great value, and super chill Thai island culture, you’ll want to spend some time on Ko Yao Yai Island. Immerse yourself in the local culture whilst surrounded by pure nature. Once you have arrived by traditional longtail boat, you will never want to leave!

To get around, tuktuks are available, and if one prefers to travel around independently, scooters are available for rent too. (If your scooter needs filling up, there’s a petrol kiosk on the island so you don’t have to worry about getting stranded.)


If simply relaxing on the beach and melding into the chill local vibe doesn’t mean that you have to do the same.. There are plenty of things to do on Ko Yao Yai Island. From kayaking, to SCUBA diving to ATV tours, to island hopping tours and more, if you’re eager to have a more active time on Ko Yao Yai that is certainly an option. 


The famous Sivalai Beach is an absolute postcard motif and probably one of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand. Here, a snow-white headland of velvety sand stretches into the turquoise sea. 

Getting to Ko Yao Yai Island to be quite easy. Ferry boats leave regularly, we did not need to make an advanced booking, and we did not have any problems getting a seat at our preferred departure time. We simply took a taxi from the Phuket airport to #7, Bang Rong Pier, for ~฿400 Thai Bhat, bought a speed boat ticket in cash for ฿300 Thai Bhat per person (they don’t accept credit cards), and we were on our way to Ko Yao Yai. The ferry ride took ~40 minutes. 


Within minutes of departing from Bang Rong Pier, we were able to see some of Thailand’s iconic limestone islands off in the distance. We found the scenery around us stunning.

Good to know! Since the ferry schedules change seasonally, ask the proprietor of your accommodation for the most current ferry schedule and price information. Beware If you’re prone to sea sickness, plan ahead by taking appropriate precautions.

Getting to Koh Yao Yai

There are so many amazing parts of Thailand and we would love to display them all but if your looking for an off the track vacation in Thailand speak to a GVC Vacation Planner and let them create a dream vacation in Thailand just the way you want it.

Our top 5 places to visit was hard to decide but here are some of the amazing places to visit in Thailand.

1. Sam Phan Bok, the Grand Canyon of Thailand

Thailand has this natural wonder in Ubon Ratchathani., a province in North Eastern part of Thailand. Sam Phan Bok when translated means 3,000 holes in English. The name came from the massive amount of holes on the bedrock of the Mae Khong River, a result from millions of years of water erosion. The water carved these rocks into different shapes and forms. And during dry season when the water subsides, these holes will reveal themselves like a mystical landscape.

The organic shapes of the rocks and holes will spark your imagination – some see a heart , a star, and some see animals. So just let your imagination run wild. Try to visit early in the morning or before sunset, not only will the temperature be great, but  the sunrise or sunset will add the magic to Sam Phan Bok and make you feel transported to a different world. 

2. Tham Phra Waterfall at Phu Wua Wildlife Sanctuary

Ever dreamt of living like Mowgli from the Jungle Book? While you might not have your very own Baloo to play with – you’ll still get a super fun day on a natural waterslide, in the middle of a jungle that’s 100% mother nature. 


Located at Bueng Kan Province, in the northeastern region of Thailand, Bueng Kan is rich in natural beauty, especially waterfalls. You can actually visit 4 stunning waterfalls in one day – but the most unique waterfall in Beung Kan (or even in Thailand) is Tham Phra Waterfall, also known as Monk Cave Waterfall. 


What makes this waterfall fantastic is not the height, but the wide open area of river stone. Unlike many waterfalls that can be reached by foot or trekking through the jungle, the only way to get to Tham Phra Waterfall is by boat. You’ll ride through the luscious green of the nature reserve, until you reach a big open space with streams of water flowing down big boulders.


It feels as if someone deliberately built a water park in the middle of the jungle! The rock is so smooth that you can slide from the top to the shallow pool below. And because the rock is very wide, it creates the most beautiful white water curtain that will take your breath away during the rainy season. 

3. Hin Sam Whan, Phu Singh Forest Park

It’s impressive enough how these massive and ancient (over 75 million years) rocks can sit on top of the mountain 350 meters high above the ground. But from a drone view, it has been revealed that these giant rock formations look like a family of whales. The heads of the whales stick out from the mountain as if they were about to fly off from their mountain home into a magical land. 


The surface of the rocks are so smooth, and even has bumps and scratches like real whale skin. You are allowed to walk on the rock but do be cautious as there are no guard rails, and you should not walk too close to the steep (and slippery if wet) edges.  


There’s an extremely stunning view when you reach the top of the rock (or the back of the whale), looking over the forest down below. There are also many shapes of rock formation in Phu Singh Forest Park. According to locals in the know, you can find Elephant Stone, Heart Stone and Stone Wall along the way.

4. Thi Lo Su Waterfall


Biggest, tallest, and mightiest are some of the words used to describe Thi Lo Su Waterfall, located in Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary, Tak Province. How big is Thi Lo Su? The fall is about 300 meter high and covers about 5 football fields.


During the rainy season, you will witness the sight of endless flow of powerful water crashing down below – creating white mists coming off the fall and often a rainbow too. 


During the dry season, you will see a different kind of beauty. The water will cascade down from the top onto different levels of rocks which are covered in moss and green trees. It almost looks like a patchwork of manicured gardens. 


By car from Umphang Districk, follow the Umphang – Mae Sot route and take a left turn at Km 161 (Ban Mae Klong Mai) to De Lo Pass or the “Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary” checkpoint for 30 km. Visitors should use a pick-up truck or a four-wheel drive car which has high performance. During the rainy season ((June- November), it is impossible for a car to access the sanctuary. you must walk or hire a raft to get to the fall.

5. Wat Chaloem Phra Kiat Phrachomklao Rachanusorn, Lampang


Imagine being up on top of the mountain at 815 meters above sea level.


There’s a sea of clouds that looks like a white blanket covers the entire valley. There are just a few pinnacles of the rocky mountain peeking through – and you’ll see a temple and more than 10 white stupas sitting on top of the pinnacle. 


It’s not just the incredible location that makes Wat Chaloem Phra Kiat Phrachomklao Rachanusorn magical. 


The temple was built by the faith and determination of the community to pay homage to a sacred Buddhist relic at the highest peak of the mountain. Thais believes that anyone who reaches the top (by foot) where the sacred site is, will be blessed with luck and fortune.


From Lampang City Center, take Highway 1035 toward Chae Hom District (approx. 50 km). Then just another 1 km pass Chae Hom Village to the entrance of the temple

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