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Property Name Park Hyatt Bangkok

Location  Thailand Setting  City  Style  Modern  Rooms  222

About Global Vacation Club Benelux 


Global Vacation Club was born back in 2017 in the Asia Pacific Region and it all started in Thailand. Now GVC has exploded around the world, and has licensed sales operations in 27 countries across the globe with many more on the horizon. Upon looking at the current marketplace Global Vacation Club  is one of the fastest growing concepts in vacation ownership today, predominantly due to the superior product  range.


GVC Points Benelux is a part of Naree Siam Sp.z.o.o. and has been under the ownership of Johan Marcel Tillieux for almost 5 years now and has done a fantastic job for Global Vacation Club and the directors are delighted to have his services as he really does care about every member he enrols to the club.

Who is Johan & Naree Siam Sp.z.o.o ?

Johan is the owner of Naree Siam Sp.z.o.o.  has been with Global Vacation Club now for 5 years and in that time has proved to be a key part of our European Operations and understands this market more than most largely due to his multi linguistic talents and his creativity.

Johan, through his determination and passion to succeed has cemented the Global Vacation Club brand firmly in the Benelux Region now and has created a vast network of local and international members. 

Johan's career has been a huge success story from Europe to Asia he has seen huge success in running several succesful retail and sales operations.

Naree Siam Sp.z.o.o. a leading company in the Real Estate - Holiday Club and Welness Industry is owned by Johan and has been a succesful brand for several years but as the times change so must we. Johan made the decision if he was going to further enhance his brand he had to find a solution that offered more choice and flexibility to members and took it upon himself to research the market to see what or if there was a product and comany that could unite with him and assist with his plans moving forward.

Thankfully Johan decided that Global Vacation Club ticked all the boxes approached GVC and both seen a positive future as a team.

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Recently Global Vacation Club were honored to be considered as a market leader being named alongside some of the largest, most successful household brands.


It just shows how far Global Vacation Club have come although the Director's feel that such an honor we will accept one day right now if we can be as successful as any of these giants then we will be more than happy..

Right now the focus is on keeping members happy and building the GVC brand by creating new product lines that will enhance members experiences.

Now Global Vacation Club has a franchise in the Benelux Region under Johan's leadership, a seasoned profesional with a colourful background within the vacation ownership industry working with some of the biggest names in Europe and Asia.


GVC Benelux and Johan have been together now for almost 5 years and in that time Johan has been a monumental ambassador of Global Vacation Club since he began in The Benelux Region and his hard work and foresight have seen our member base in the region increase dramatically over the years and today with over 2000+ families enjoying the benefits of GVC.

Along with GVC Johan has played a big part in introducing our license system (See GVC Licenses) to ensure each franchise sells the product within the specific guidelines we set them, should they fail to do so then GVC will cancel their license and report their actions to the proper authorities.

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