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Welcome to Global Vacation Club Benelux

GVC is the quintessential club for the discerning traveller. Today’s 21st century tourist has an unrelenting passion for a lifestyle that promotes spontaneous encounters with new people, new experiences, cultures, and perspectives in unfamiliar places.


Our company is one of the leading lifestyle vacation clubs out there who craft and create tailor-made holidays around the world, providing you with the finest resorts, cruise ships and itineraries, ensuring you have a memorable experience every time you travel. 


Every resort, hotel, river ship, ocean liner, expedition vessel undergoes a rigorous selection process before acceptance into our club. High-quality comfortable accommodation coupled with journeys to distant harbours at rates far lower than standard market rates ensures member satisfaction time after time.


We cater for all types of travellers, whether it is a family, a group of friends, couples, or a single person, GVC has it all.

Enjoy your membership as much as we have enjoyed creating it and welcome to the GVC family.

Global Vacation Club and start the New Year with a well deserved vacation.


GVC really has become a great product that members really do enjoy using as it offers variety for all.


Here at Global Vacation Club we opened our first sales venue in South East Asia early 2017, and have since continued to focus on creating a Global Brand. 


Families can currently frequent over 140,000+ hotel’s, properties and vacation options around the world once they become part of Global Vacation Club, so choice is abundant.

GVC offer a myriad of exceptional vacation experiences that gives members so much more flexibility.

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The Global Vacation Club brand has become hugely successful


Since inception back in 2017 GVC has exploded around the world, and now has licensed sales operations in 27 countries across the globe with many more on the horizon. Upon looking at the current marketplace Global Vacation Club  is one of the fastest growing concepts in vacation ownership today, predominantly due to the superior product  range made available to our members. Our first promise was always to ensure that GVC members would be our number one priority in every event.  That promise remains intact. 

Recently Global Vacation Club were honored to be considered as a market leader being named alongside some household brands just shows how far we have come although the Director's feel that such an honor we will accept one day right now if we can be as successful as any of these giants then we will be more than happy.

Vacation Ownership

2022 Market Leaders

To find out more about GVC  click here)

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Global Vacation Club
Products & Services



The GVC product range offers members so many possibilities not just one or 2 weeks away.


From hotel suites to private villas, castles to palaces or river or ocean cruises GVC members can really take some exceptional vacations around the world or in their home country.

With the GVC Dream Theme product literally anything can happen you decide your dream vacation and we will create it. Check out Dream Themes.

King of the castle I love Barbie or a week in Spain GVC has the flexibility to take you anywhere.

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The Global Vacation Club product range offers something for everyone.


Global Vacation Club fully understands your holiday is important and that you demand the best experience imaginable every time you go away. Therefore, we go that extra mile to make sure your journey is nothing short of exceptional right from the off. Having placed your holidays in our hands it is our duty to provide what you expect now and in the future.

Members can frequent a plethora of hotels, resorts, private villas, themed vacations, cruises and much more. Having access to literally thousands of vacation options we are more than sure GVC can make every holiday you book a memorable one.

Each club feature GVC launches is done so with complete care and attention, being researched thoroughly and brought together to ensure satisfaction is delivered at every juncture.


Endless vacation options 

That everyone can use

For products & services (click here)

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Dream Themes with Global Vacation Club the perfect vacation that you design, we create and you enjoy.


For Grandma who longed to be Queen, or dad who secretly wants to ride a Harley. Ever wondered what it would be like in Count Dracula’s castle? These themed breaks are incredibly authentic and will not disappoint the participants.


Other themes for example include breakfast with a giraffe, Scottish whisky trails, Hello Kitty, Barbie and so much more. To view endless incredible ideas click here

Dream Theme Vacations are personal, memorable and turn a good vacation into a magical vacation.


GVC Dream Themes were born from listening to

our junior GVC members, children and grandchildren.


Ever had a thought about how it would be to be James Bond for example? So although most of our dream themes cater for the younger generation,


Our travel experts have been out there searching for the grownups and added some really spectacular ideas. Please send us further suggestions.

Theme Dream Vacations, including weekend or midweek breaks are exceptionally true value for money and really could make someone's dream come true.

You paint the picture


We make it happen

For dream themes (click here)

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GVC Land & Sea Voyagers concept really has given a new edge to holiday ownership.


The Land & Sea Voyagers concept really has given a new edge to holiday ownership. As vacation ownership has grown tremendously, so has the member base.

Land and sea vacations really opens up a whole new world to your membership by being able to combine both together. 

GVC Cruises on every ocean and most of the world's river arteries to ensure members get maximum choice. 

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The Land & Sea Voyagers concept really has given a new edge to holiday ownership.


The Land & Sea Voyagers concept really has given a new edge to holiday ownership. As vacation ownership has grown tremendously, so has the member base. It’s nice to be able to price freeze your holidays but like anything else in time people look for change. 


Land and sea vacations really opens up a whole new world to your membership by being able to combine both together. Here at GVC we are ahead of the crowd and are currently the only holiday club out there who offer this combination classic. 


With an ever growing portfolio of destinations around the world and a dedicated team working diligently behind the scenes to bring you more we invite you to a whole new world of membership. Luxury Land Resorts & Hotels combing Luxury cruise vessels. 


GVC Gems & Voyagers

The Best of both world's

The Best of both world's

From Global Vacation Club

Discover Amazing Thailand
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From serving breakfast to the Buddhist Monks or playing with a family of tigers the surprises are endless.


While Thailand’s main cities are abuzz with energy, venture off the beaten track and you can find some of the most enchanting places for a relaxing, off-grid escape.

Switch off from the modern world and tune in to Thailand’s striking beauty. Peace, serenity and wellness lifestyle.

Rather than stumbling across happy accidents, we seek them out and make it simple.

The Real Amazing Thailand

The GVC Sawasdee experience will change your views on Thailand


GVC Sawasdee was created to show members a very different Thailand to the 'go go bars' and drinking. The real Thailand is simply amazing. The culture. the people the untouched, unknown perfect landscapes that will take your breath away. We have discovered so many activities to fit your needs from Nature & wildlife, elephant bathing, sight seeing tours off the beaten track, adventure tours, extreme trips, trekking, biking, Kayaking even a Chiang Mai, sunrise & sunset or Alms passing food and supplies to Buddhists monks in the morning.

There are so many wonderful places to experience in Thailand that never get the attention they deserve, places that the average tourist will never see and each of them unique and sensational on their own. Allow GVC Sawasdee to show you another Thailand the real Amazing Thailand.

That feels like another world

For more information on GVC Sawasdee (click here)


The adventures of Sir William
GVC Historical Legends


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GVC Trax fighting covid a brand new product with so many amazing experiences  


Due to changing habits holidaymakers are showing considering things like the COVID 19 pandemic we are seeing an upsurge in destinations that do not require us to fly.


To coincide with these changes here at GVC we are launching our new GVC Trax in 2022. As members have discovered through our RV programme, which was a superb hit with GVC families, our Trax feature will be focusing on trains. Offering some of the most memorable journeys across the globe right to you and your family.  

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Historical Legends from Global Vacation Club these incredible vacations designed to remember our past with an amazing vacation experience.


Throughout our history we have learned of the tales and legends some you love, others you may hate. In a bold effort to keep our history alive for centuries to come we tasked our team planners to create a handful of vacation experiences behind some of the biggest legends of our time. What they have pieced together is simply astonishing. From the rogue Sir William Wallace to Caesar, The Spartans and beautiful Queen Cleopatra. Outstanding, everyone a must take holiday. 

Historical Vacations reminding our children of the past with truly magical vacation experiences everyone will love.

Exciting new Products



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GVC Voyagers & GVC Gems
Two worlds apart
one great vacation with

GVC Points
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