Thai Massage for Seniors

Milder form of traditional thai massage which helps with muscle stiffness, joints pain or limbs weakness which builds up with age. It connects acupressure techniques with Ayurveda and passive yoga. Definitely weaker pressure is safe for sensitive skin.


It removes muscle and joints tension, strengthening them simultaneously, which frees from pain. It stimulate lymphatic and circulatory system. Herbal oils are used in this massage, which helps with natural recovery and healing process.

It`s made on moderate hard mattress and massaged person stays with loose clothes. Thai masseuse, using her whole body, palms, fingers, elbows, arms and even feet, uses various techniques, both pressing and stretching.

Thai massage for seniors is recommended for people suffering to rheumatism, arthritis or other afflictions connected with age, for people exposed to bedsore and for those, who are in the middle of convalescence after a long illness or accident.

Among many profits, most important are:

  • Circulatory system improvement

  • Muscle tension reduction

  • Joint flexibility improvement

  • Sleep and mood improvement

Available in our Salon in Riga and Jurmala 

Price List Riga

60 Min  :      50 Euro

90 Min :       65 Euro

Price List Jurmala

60 Min  :      50 Euro

90 Min :       65 Euro

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