Thai Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage is suitable for all expectant mothers who need to relieve pain from all the stressed parts of the body especially in the high stage of pregnancy. Massage takes place in a special pregnancy position where you and your baby will feel good and thanks to the therapist’s touches you will get the much needed relaxation and unlocking of stiffened parts of muscles, tendons and joints. The pregnancy massage helps to relieve fatigue and boosts the regeneration of the whole body.

Oils with admixture of herbs and spices are used for the massage, which have a beneficial effect on the stressed skin during pregnancy. Thanks to the beneficial effects of the oil and regular visits to the Thai pregnancy massage, your skin will be protected from the appearance of stretch marks. The skin becomes smoother, more flexible and finer.

Thai prenatal massage relieves back pain, neck tension, swollen ankles, tired legs, sore breasts and facilitates the overall course of childbirth. The massage is suitable for pregnant women who have no health problems. It is recommended beginning the fourth month of pregnancy.

The masseuse massagesthe pregnant woman first on her back and neck, then she massages her legs and foot soles and lastly massage her belly. Used aromatic oils help pregnant women cope with physical and emotional stress.

The effects of prenatal massage

  • reduces stress and tension, stimulates the flow of nutrients to the baby

  • improves metabolism

  • helps with headaches and nausea

  • improves sleep and proper muscle function, especially in the back area

  • relieves the feeling of heavy legs and other pregnancy problems

Available in our Salon in Riga and Jurmala 

Price List Riga

60 Min  :      50 Euro

90 Min :       65 Euro

120 min :     80 euro

Price List Jurmala

60 Min  :      50 Euro

90 Min :       65 Euro

120 min :     80 euro

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